How To Find a Cheap Used Textbook For Your College Class

Textbooks, every college student hates them, but every college student needs them! When surveyed, most college students will tell you that they absolutely loath buying textbooks for their classes. Not only are most of the textbooks hard to find, but the majority of local college bookstores take advantage of the fact that every student on campus will need to purchase a textbook and artificially over inflate the price. Traditionally, the only way to save on textbook costs was to sift through the meager inventory of used textbooks at the local campus bookstore and pray that the exact book that you needed was available.

Well, worry no more!

There is a solution to the current college textbook system that can not only save you time, but more importantly save you MONEY. This process allows you to find any cheap used textbook that you need and delivers it right to your door within a few days. As I’m sure you’ve already guessed, this solution can be found on the internet. The internet, with all of it’s sex appeal, speed and power, has become a major player in the booming textbook industry. Now it is possible to logon and shop from the convenience of your own home, apartment, or dorm room and receive your books in a matter of days. Not only that, but shopping for your college textbooks on the internet also allows you a much larger variety and inventory of both new and used books than most local college bookstores can provide.

All things considered, shopping for college textbooks on the internet seems like a slam dunk. As simple as the process really is there are a few things that you seriously need to consider prior to purchasing your textbooks from an online vendor. Listed below are a few tips to get you on your way to saving big money and getting the textbooks that you need quickly and easily.

Step #1 – Make a list of all of the textbooks that you need to purchase. Next to each title, list the author, ISBN # and revision or edition that you need for each book. The ISBN # is the International Standard Book Numbering System. This can be found on the back cover of the textbook and is usually
available in your course syllabus.

Step #2 – Find a computer with internet access.

Step #3 – Get your credit card or debit card out. If you do not have one or are uncomfortable using your card online, open a free paypal account.

Step #4 – Do some quick research on the vendors that you are considering buying your textbooks from. Take a look at their website and try to answer the following questions. Where are they located? Where do they ship to? What are the shipping and handling costs? What is the return policy? Are the books that I want to purchase currently in stock? How long will it typically take for me to receive my order? If you can’t find the answer to these questions on the website, look for a toll free telephone number or contact email address. As with any mail order or internet purchase, it is important to know all of the details prior to placing your order.

Step #5 – Once you know all of the details, search for the textbooks that you want to purchase. Any reputable online vendor will be able to tell you whether or not the books that you want are currently in stock.

Step #6 – Before you pay for your order, make sure that the website that is processing your order is SSL encrypted. Never send your credit card or payment information to a website that does not ensure your security. You can usually tell if the page is SSL encrypted by looking in the lower right hand corner of your web browser. If the page is encrypted, you will see a little lock icon .

Step #7 – After you are sure that the sales page is secure, place your order and get back to your life!

It really can be this simple. Just follow the steps outlined above and you will be sure to save some serious cash on your textbooks next semester!